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A Tribute to Tom Jones

Photo of Tom Jones
Photo by Walter McBride

In the midst of our joyous journey in producing this summer’s East Coast premiere of the reimagined version of his musical masterpiece The Fantasticks, on August 11, 2023, at the age of 95, its brilliant librettist/lyricist left us. But what Tom Jones has left us with is an astonishing gift: magic. Invaluable magic -- something that is embedded in the fabric of The Fantasticks, as well as all the musicals he created. And that magic, folks, is something we must take good care of, nurture, and value, and continue singing it into the wind, and over the seas, and up to the mountain tops, and across the deserts.

I know I speak for our entire company of The Fantasticks when I say it’s been an honor to bring Tom's re-kindled, re-romanced, re-gendered rendering of the show to life. By implementing Tom’s notes, ideas, and fresh text and lyrics into this production, I’m deeply grateful to have been entrusted to serve his latest -- and final -- draft of The Fantasticks. Forever indebted to you, sir, our remaining performances at the Provincetown Theater, playing now thru August 31, are dedicated to your memory, your mission, and your magic. Remembering you in light...

- David Drake, Artistic Director


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