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2024 Brick Campaign

Be a Part of the Legacy

Help the Provincetown Theater by ordering a custom engraved brick.

engraved brick walkway

It's late July, the sun is setting, and you're walking into the Provincetown Theater to enjoy a sold out show. Underneath you is a brick pathway engraved with the names of locals, loved ones, and legends alike. As you take your seat for the show, you can sense the legacy that is being preserved at 238 Bradford St.

When our theater opened 20 years ago, in June 2004, the brick project was initiated to christen our space as a community center for Outer Cape artists and theater-makers. 
​In honor of our 20th year in our forever home, we are excited to offer engraved bricks to our patrons! 

Bricks will be offered at a price of $250 for a single engraved brick, or $500 for a double brick. This is your chance to memorialize a friend or family member, celebrate a favorite small business, or simply leave your legacy on Provincetown and the Theater for future generations! 

Be a part of the legacy today!

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