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June 4 Star Solo Show Festival

Cody Sullivan Headshot

Town Meeting

By Cody Sullivan

June 6-8 at 7 pm

Should they cut down a dead branch from a beech tree that hangs over the street? This is the first, seemingly easy question at the Provincetown Town Meeting. Yet after four hours of debate whether or not it's insensitive to use a microphone because of people suffering from tinnitus, they are no closer to an answer.


Cody Sullivan, a Ptown local, portrays all the characters in this meeting, from the Moderator, to the Town manager, to the three young kids taking a Civics in Action class. The only place you will find more characters than Sullivan's play, is the actual Provincetown Town Meeting. 

You Better Call Your Mother

By Mitchell Anderson

June 13-15 at 7 pm

Told in a series of monologues and songs, YOU BETTER CALL YOUR MOTHER looks back at actor-turned-chef Mitchell Anderson’s 60+ years and how he went from closeted actor to accidental activist – finding happiness, true love, and respect along the way.

Mitchell Anderson

Photo courtesy: Richie Arpino

Tanya O'Debra Headshot.jpg
Tanya O'Debra Headshot

Radio Star

By Tanya O'Debra

June 20-22 at 7 pm

Come watch a radio show unfold with live foley sounds, nonstop laughs, and a cast of characters all performed by one actor in Radio Star by Tanya O'Debra.


Radio Star is a 1940s radio detective spoof. In The Case of the Long Distance Lover, Nick McKitrick: Private Dick, is hired by femme fatale Fanny LaRue to find her husband's killer. 

Original Music by Andrew Moreyellow

Directed by Gregg Bellón

Town Meeting Cody Sullivan
You Better Call Your Mother by Mitchell Anderson
Radio Star by Tanya O'Brien

Too Fat for China

By Phoebe Potts

June 27-29 at 7 pm

Phoebe Potts debuted TOO FAT FOR CHINA to standing room only crowds at The Gloucester Stage Company in Gloucester MA in 2019. Thanks in part to winning a Live Arts Boston grant from the Boston Foundation, Potts went on to fill houses in Boston, Watertown and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. TOO FAT FOR CHINA won the "Best Storytelling Show" at the United Solo Show Festival in 2023 in NYC. TOO FAT FOR CHINA is the sequel to Potts' critically acclaimed graphic novel "Good Eggs" that New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast called "sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always honest, intelligent and completely involving." Potts is a native of Brooklyn, NY, where everyone was indignant about something, even before breakfast. You can follow along with Phoebe at

Phoebe Potts headshot
Too Fat for China by Phoebe Potts
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